Retail Point of Sales (POS) – Features

Our customized Point of Sales (POS) is an easy to use Application/Cloud-based solution for all retail businesses of different requirements.


BonaPOS helps SMEs to keep track of all retail outlets’ sales to manage and analyze their customer’s buying trends.


BonaPOS is specially catered to Retail, Salon and Optical industries and we are continuously upgrading our software for local businesses’ needs.


Our specially designed for Singapore SMEs’ POS solution is designed to be tablet and mobile responsive.
Go Digital - BonaPOS

We provide a complete POS system with the following features:-

• Create and maintain your Product catalogue
• Manage multiple Units of Measure and Packaging types
• Auto fill sales information on scanning the bar code
• Track the cost of each Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) / Item
• Track inventory (Quantity and Value) of each SKU
• Membership tracking
• Loyalty points system
• Purchase and redeem prepaid credits
• Password protection for member redemption
• Powerful discount structure by items/groups/categories/membership
• Create Package deals & quantity discounts
• Multi Terminals
• Easily link up all your outlets over the internet
• Remotely access your sales reports from a central location
• Stock transfers to multiple remote outlets
• Invoicing and Quotation capabilities
• Generate sales and management reports
• Assign roles and access restrictions
• Store Vendor and Customer details
• Issue Purchase Order (PO) to vendor
• Link PO to re-order point
• Customise Customer Loyalty Programs
• Allow customers to log onto the system and order goods
• Review total value of good purchased per SKU and per vendor
• Review total sales per customer
• Capture Credit terms for customer
• Offer discounts to customers paying cash or other forms of discount
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